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I am here to create more medicine women who have their own energetic impact on the world through their business, message & mission, whether they're at the beginning of their journey or a six-figure entrepreneur. It doesn't matter, we're all in this together!


Each persons medicine journey is unique to them, their essence, their internal saboteurs, their language. But I know that we all move through the same levels, I've seen it time and time again: wounds to wisdom to wealth! Wherever you are at, whichever level of medicine is right for you, right now, is somewhere on this page.


Level one is ideal for those just getting started on their medicine journey.

Level two is for those who are familiar with this work & would like to take it deeper for lasting change.

Level three is for those who are ready to revolutionise their role & step into the medicine woman they know they have been called to be.

Are you ready to discover your medicine?

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Level One: Wounds 

Let's turn your sh*te into light! But first, to do that, we have to get really honest about what your one wound  you keep coming back to is. These activations & journeys are designed to help you uncover just that. 

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Access the entire medicine library

And receive access to all activations, Mary-Kate's medicine bag of meditations, masterclasses with medicine women not seen elsewhere and unlimited replays of her interviews with renowned teachers of their own medicines from across the globe.

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Level Two: Wisdom

At this level, we know your wound. But all the information in the world is just that - information. Wisdom is knowledge applied. 

It's time to get clear. It's time to get consistent. But you don't have to do it alone. Use these activations & journeys as a mirror for yourself, as you walk the walk and invest in the future you.

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Level Three: Wealth

You've got the information, you know your wounds, you're applying the comes the fun part! Wealth! Unlock your own freedom codes & workshop your own flavour of medicine into the world.

Meet Mary-Kate

Since I launched the Shamanic Sisterhood in 2020, I have worked in a particular way of presenting my guidance and structuring my mentorship for those that are ready to be held in such a powerful way.

It’s not been easy for me to stand in both my light and my shite for my students to see, it’s been excruciatingly vulnerable at times being human and teacher, sister and friend, mentor and guide, coach and student all in one body and in each relationship.

What has come shining through though is that this is a unique and powerful way to walk in the world, a way I thought was pretty fucked for a long time until I embraced my unique Medixina ....ultimately so YOU could embrace yours!!

My heart is here to create more medicine women - with their very own version of wisdom and wonder, shite and light, love and laughter, magic and medicine!

This library is a combination of two years of these teachings, trainings, activations and coaching cultivated to create your own brand of medicine.

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