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Client love

“I’m quite multi passionate and needed clarity around my next steps…what Mary-Kate has is this intuitive wisdom and great mindset knowledge that brings it all together.”
“What I learned about connection with other people, being vulnerable, letting my real self show and being held by other women in a very safe container…thank you.”

Mary-Kate is a truly inspirational coach who has a natural and unbelievable ability to really understand you as a person and to get incredible results. Her intuitive approach allows you to unlock anything that is getting in your way of progress. Mary-Kate uses variety of interesting and efficacious techniques to maximise your productivity by self-analysis which leads to empowerment, self-development and success! With a business background and a strong sense of spirituality Mary-Kate has the perfect combined skill set to show you how to be the best version of yourself. I could not recommend Mary-Kate highly enough and look forward to further sessions with her to continue my own transformation!

Annabelle, Business Owner

​I absolutely loved it! Such a realisation for loads of things! You're just amazing! You have made me think differently! Thank you Thank you Thank you


Emily, HR Director

To start with I really wasn't sure what to expect, but I guess I came into the coaching with an open heart and mind. I did have some fears, but these were soon removed by Mary-Kate, that was because when I was referred to her I was really very anxious and unclear about where my life was headed. I felt worried and I was in the process of making some big life changes but I just needed some support in doing them.  I also didn't know how I was going to get from one direction in my life to another, so I wanted some help and I feel I got it… and a lot more.

The inner strength and confidence I have gained from my coaching sessions, will be taken with me throughout the next phase of my new life. I'm very thankful that all my expectations were met. I also needed the right mentor to guide me in the right direction and with determination and some self believe - I feel I got what I came for and more.

Catherine Creative

I've changed as a person, since the start of my coaching with Mary Kate. The moment the coaching started, I felt I made a contractual agreement with myself, my coach and the universe to see this through to the end with 100% commitment. Things started changing for me when I realised I had such a fabulous trust in my coach and the support she has given me has been immense. I felt a great connection with Mary Kate, she made me feel like I could achieve my goals with ease, by giving me tasks to complete during each week of our program. Some of the tasks, allowed me to let down some emotional walls and some fears I was holding onto, which I no longer have. My whole outlook on my life seems to have shifted to a more illuminated and happy one. We worked at creating new ways of thinking, which were self loving and  empowering. I was also set some realistic goals to work towards which are now working well for me and have set me on the right track to now achieve my long term dreams and goals.

Lucy, Singer

You have been an INCREDIBLE coach! You helped me unlock things from my past that were subconsciously holding me back. I am now more confident in my abilities and able to forge relationships at a much senior level. I surprised myself that I could make so many changes in such a short space of time, facing things usually outside of my comfort zone.

I am now much more organised, have more accountability for my life path, I am confident, I am thriving in my business and I have a deep faith that I never believed I would have - you have instilled that in me and I am so grateful! Thank you!

Maria, Business Owner

​She is such a catalyst for change! It is impossible to not be energised by her enthusiasm and ideas! She will build your courage and hold a safe place for you when you lose faith - above all she is honest and authentic with a massive heart - she has a pretty cheeky sense of humour too!!

Geraldine, Nurse

​ So much changed for/in me during the six weeks coaching.  My outlook on the way I approach my day, my children, my goals, dreams, the way I think about myself is very different.  Since completing the transformational coaching with Mary Kate I haven’t so much as gone after my dreams but hurtled myself at them full force whilst burning brightly like a comet! I’m sure that without this coaching I may have achieved some of my goals (eventually) but it would have taken much longer and any hurdles would have gotten me down and demotivated me rather easily.  My days prior to the coaching began with me feeling anxious and rushed, an ever growing list of To Do’s spiralling away in my head whilst getting the children up and ready for school on time.  With my head so full I felt I wasn’t really present, this lead to feeling extremely guilty that I wasn’t being the parent my children needed or the parent I wanted to be. 

I started off with a rather lame and almost shoddy set of goals, my confidence not being at it’s best at the time perhaps I didn’t even really know what I truly wanted for myself.  I just knew I wanted to feel, and be better.   

As The course progressed my mind opened, my barriers and front came down some and from inside the safe place you created each week I found a whole new set of dreams, ideas, worlds and images!  My expectations were met and then some. I expected the coaching to be interesting and beneficial, I thought at the very least it would be a shove in the right direction.  It wasn’t a shove at all.  It was feeling safe in the company of a woman whose manner and vibe and voice are disarming. (This is what sets Mary Kate apart - a maternal, warm and exciting energy that catches you off-guard).  Anything is possible. A few weeks into the coaching I noticed a melting or breaking down of negativity and “cant’s”, I was beginning to shed this very heavy and totally draining old skin, I was growing and it felt (still feels) amazing.


I realised that I have some pretty marvellous ideas inside of my brain. I can make them all happen.

I am a lot more spiritual than I thought, I noticed how much I have relied upon intuition over my life and how it has served me well.  I didn’t think I’d become a daily meditator and star thanker, but I have.  Life is unfolding in a much simpler more peaceful way because of these little things.

Heather, Single Parent, Entrepreneur

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