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Working with Mary-Kate

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Discover the New Era of Business

Your curiosity is peaked, you've felt for a while now that how you did business before is not reaping you the results you desire.

There's a transformation that is required - and it's not another strategy, course or personal development training, hit the button below to learn more...


Book a Reading

The woman who is known for her rapid transformation, precise reflections and sharp attention to patterns has become the secret hidden ingredient to many business successes. Mary-Kate was brought up on astrology, reading people's energy and tarot cards, she is a businesswoman and shaman of over 20 years who is in a relentless pursuit of bringing shamanic practices and energetic teachings to companies for the well-being of the CEOs, the satisfaction of their staff and the financial sustainability for the company.

Book a reading with Mary-Kate, where she intuitively reveals to you what energies are preventing you from moving forward and answers your burning questions and the messages she receives from your guides.


Mary-Kate uses a variety of tools such as Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology and Tarot, and she customises each reading to your needs.

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Book a Business Consultation

Book a business consultation with Mary-Kate, where she will use her 20 years of business and coaching energetic expertise to pinpoint where there is stagnancy in your business and how to move forward that aligns with your purpose and creates next-level momentum. Mary-Kate has worked and walked shoulder to shoulder with CEO and Business owners, from solo entrepreneurs to multi-million companies, in almost every industry, being their 'secret sauce to success'.

If you're looking to innovate your business, build sustainability and expand your finances in a passionate and purposeful way, this consultation will reveal everything you need to know and integrate tailored to you, your team and your company vision.

About Mary-Kate

Mary-Kate is a powerful source of energy, and when she's plugged into a company, there is instant transformation. She can see past the smoke and mirrors and get to the root of a problem in seconds, making her a CEO's energy Jedi.


She works directly with CEOS to inject passion and purpose into their company and turn the team of 'doers' into 'beings' that are purpose-driven and become as passionate as the CEO allowing them to lead their vision as her team executes in excellence and as you can imagine, this level of momentum creates sales that are off the charts and higher client retention. 

Mary-Kate is one of the top sales trainers and coaches in the UK, combining her energetic expertise, big heart and wealth of knowledge in human psychology, she trains and coaches sales departments in high-end enrolment, leadership and energetic embodiment which is what sets good converting sales teams apart from HIGHLY converting, consistent sale leaders that are always enrolling - no matter what.

This is why Mary-Kate is often referred to as the secret weapon that companies refuse to share with any other companies. 

If you're looking for a partner to stand by you, to stand with you and lead with you, then Mary-Kate IS the Shaman you want in your corner. 

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