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Hello Hello and Welcome in!

I am Mary-Kate Medicine, an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer and LeaderShift Mentor working to raise the vibration of our planet one Heart at a time with Earth Wisdom, StarBeam energy and some fookin hilarious fun!!

I am the Founder and Head Alchemist of The Shamanic Sisterhood Community, The School of Emergence - a Cosmic Curriculum for Awakening Starbeams on this Planet, Luminous Leaders - A six week Leadership container for Committed Ambitious Spiritual Women ready to BE the change they wish to see and The Shamanista and Head Witch inside The Coven - The Holy Divine Feminine Inner Sanctum of the Shamanic Sisterhood.

Catch me sharing the Galactic downloads of the Week in my Sunday Service inside our community - or hop on the replay in YouTube!

My Vision is to Empower Big Hearted Healers to generate real Wealth so that they may Create Impact and Influence in a world where Consciousness is the New Currency!

Wounds to Wisdom to Wealth

Come and join us, check out the free resources and if you feel called to go deeper or faster or higher grab a spot inside our School of Emergence.

See you inside Starbeam!

MK x



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The Shamanic Sisterhood is a sacred space for Ambitious, committed, spiritual women to Tune in and Turn on to their own inner Intuitive Guidance, be supported and learn more about cosmic consciousness, Astrology and the magic of being you all for free!

The Coven is the Inner Sanctum of the Shamanic Sisterhood, ItsWe will be gathering in nourishing and sacred circle to learn and develop Self Love a safe, supportive and fun place for Women’s work, Self compassion and Self Growth, with some spicy humour thrown in too!


Does this sound like fun to you??
Come and Join Us!

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White Simple Woman Photo Sale or Busines
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"Mary-Kate you are a one off you know!!
The way you cut to the truth so effortlessly and make clear sense of life is not only amazing but refreshing! I have learnt so much, I am clearer on what I want and how to get it now and I'm a much happier person!
You are the real deal!"

Annabelle, Business Coaching client

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