Blending the Stars and Earth

...into sweet Medicine for the Soul 

A Magical Monthly Membership of Medicine

for Your Soul



Think of The Shamanic Sisterhood Membership: The Medicine, as your personal and private space to connect with the inner workings of your unique heart and soul each month. 

As well as receiving Teachings, Journeys, Meditations, Journal Prompts and Playbooks, expect to join a committed and supportive community of open-hearted women all moving through their own shamanic journey of the soul and sharing in peace and compassion, as well as laughter and fun each month.

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The Medicine is a Powerful Portal to your own Soul conversation  - it is the permission you need every month to spend time with yourself in your own space, in your own heart and exposing your own unique Medicine. It is a supportive and supporting safe space for you to dive deep into your own healing, to understand the whispers of your intuition and to rest the nervous system in this otherwise busy and highly stimulating world.

Each month there will be new journeys and meditations, the Astrology outlook for the month and special invitations to events, retreats and activations - and an opportunity to join the VIP Book Club as soon as it opens.... more on that inside!

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What are the Shamanic Sisterhood saying .... what are you waiting for ...

Join the Medicine today...

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