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Welcome to Mary-Kate Medicine. 

The Shamanic Healing & Business Growth Practice Devoted to Transforming Companies to have teams of high-profit leaders instead of 'doers' and support High Achieving Entrepreneurs and Healers to turn their passion into prosperity and impact through Energetic Alignment, Embodied Leadership and Subconscious Understanding. 


We are known for our rapid transformation inside our containers and programs that create freedom, financial sustainability, ease in life, business and growth.

We specialise in creating conscious value-driven companies and teams that become a viral vibe. Our expertise in feminine embodied leadership and wealth energetics allows thriving CEOs and Leaders to walk through the shadows and emotions of their big goals smoothly so that they accomplish their financial milestones without sacrificing their time with their loved ones. 


Lastly...we are the go-to practice for businesses that want to integrate shamanic practices, breathwork, human design and leadership training into their teams to enhance their performance in their roles and become devoted leaders who want the company to succeed, no matter what.


Are you a seasoned CEO desiring to bring your company up to speed?


Are you an exhausted entrepreneur wanting to bridge the gap between more money, more time and inner peace? 


Are you a healer who wants to amplify your medicine with the world?

Our Story


Meet the Founder, CEO & Energy Jedi.

Mary-Kate is a powerful energy source, and when she's plugged into a company, there is instant transformation. She can see past the smoke and mirrors and get to the root of a problem in seconds, making her a CEO's energy Jedi.


Mary-Kate also referred to as MK,  has climbed the corporate ladders and was known for her incredible skill in creating aligned matches between company and team members.

After returning to work from her maternity leave with her first child Molly, MK found that she didn't have the same drive as she did before, and all she wanted to do was spend time with her child. This led to starting up her own recruitment company but found herself exhausted and contemplating her purpose. 

Long story short, MK walked a path to spiritual healing where she was able to understand why she couldn't be the same person she was before her child and found a way of operating in business with specific strategies that allowed her to be a mum and a thriving business owner.

I know what you thinking - what was it she did?!

She got intimate with her mind and her body and devoted herself to understanding consciousness and energy healing, discovering her unique way to wealth through mastering tools such as astrology, human design, gene keys and shamanic practices. She combined everything she learnt with being a leader and business women which created her signature process.

However, there is no one right way. MK's path will be different to your path, which is also why she became an expert in understanding human behaviour and psychology, where she mastered the art of reading peoples energy and can read your subconscious like a comic.

This is why Mary-Kate is often referred to as the secret weapon that companies refuse to share with any other companies. 

She can see the blind spots that no one else can see ( including you...)

She sees your power and your purpose and walks with you to live it. 

She can pinpoint the gaps and simple steps to close it. 

She reflects back to you the message you need to hear.

She will hold you as you make the big moves.

She brings all of the above to every area of your business so that the company becomes a powerful, sustainable vehicle for prosperity and impact. 

If you would like to find out more about working with MK follow the button below.


The work that you will do together will be personalised and tailored to you, your company and the direction and results you want to create.

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What our clients say...

​"I could not recommend Mary-Kate highly enough"

Mary-Kate is a truly inspirational coach who has a natural and unbelievable ability to really understand you as a person and to get incredible results. Her intuitive approach allows you to unlock anything that is getting in your way of progress. Mary-Kate uses variety of interesting and efficacious techniques to maximise your productivity by self-analysis which leads to empowerment, self-development and success! With a business background and a strong sense of spirituality Mary-Kate has the perfect combined skill set to show you how to be the best version of yourself. I

​I could not recommend Mary-Kate highly enough and look forward to further sessions with her to continue my own transformation!

Annabelle, Business Owner
​"I am thriving in my business"

Mary-Kate is an INCREDIBLE coach! You helped me unlock things from my past that were subconsciously holding me back. I am now more confident in my abilities and able to forge relationships at a much senior level. I surprised myself that I could make so many changes in such a short space of time, facing things usually outside of my comfort zone.

I am now much more organised, have more accountability for my life path, I am confident, I am thriving in my business and I have a deep faith that I never believed I would have - you have instilled that in me and I am so grateful! Thank you!

Maria, Business Owner
​"Life is unfolding in a much simpler more peaceful way"

Since completing the transformational coaching with Mary Kate I haven’t so much as gone after my dreams but hurtled myself at them full force whilst burning brightly like a comet! I’m sure that without this coaching I may have achieved some of my goals (eventually) but it would have taken much longer and any hurdles would have gotten me down and demotivated me rather easily.  My days prior to the coaching began with me feeling anxious and rushed, an ever growing list of To Do’s spiralling away in my head whilst getting the children up and ready for school on time.  With my head so full I felt I wasn’t really present, this lead to feeling extremely guilty that I wasn’t being the parent my children needed or the parent I wanted to be. 

. I expected the coaching to be interesting and beneficial, I thought at the very least it would be a shove in the right direction.  It wasn’t a shove at all.  It was feeling safe in the company of a woman whose manner and vibe and voice are disarming. (This is what sets Mary Kate apart - a maternal, warm and exciting energy that catches you off-guard).  Anything is possible. A few weeks into the coaching I noticed a melting or breaking down of negativity and “cant’s”, I was beginning to shed this very heavy and totally draining old skin, I was growing and it felt (still feels) amazing.


I realised that I have some pretty marvellous ideas inside of my brain. I can make them all happen.

I am a lot more spiritual than I thought, I noticed how much I have relied upon intuition over my life and how it has served me well.  I didn’t think I’d become a daily meditator and star thanker, but I have.  Life is unfolding in a much simpler more peaceful way because of these little things.

Heather, Single Parent, Entrepreneur 
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