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Welcome To...  


You Are The Medicine.

You are officially invited to be a part of a twelve-day immersion with twelve extraordinary leaders to learn how to unlock your medicine that heals your wounds and leads you to the wisdom that creates your wealth. 


We start on the 20th of February, 2023.


Are you ready to taste your medicine? Join us by signing up below. 


Meet your Host for the next 12 days

I'm Mary-Kate, the CEO of Mary-Kate Medicine. I am known as the magical catalyst, an ancestral healing Shaman with a hilarious take on life and healing, here to reveal the path that opens you up to your OWN medicine.  

Over the next 12 days, I will be your host, your Sherpa, leading you step-by-step inside conversation on how to heal your wounds, turn them into wisdom, and create wealth! 




Get Ready for a transmission that is

OFF the Charts! 

Every day for the next twelve you will be emailed exclusive access to a transformational conversation with one our speakers.


Inside these conversations, you will meet millionaires, leaders, coaches, healers and Yogis who have been where you are TODAY…

Whether that is driving home from taking your kids to school, wondering whether there is more meaning to life than this,

Starting a business to pursue your passion but struggling to make money to pay the bills, constantly questioning whether this is their true purpose or not (... and how the f#ck they are going to make it work),

Debating whether to leave the corporate career that you climbed to the top of because you are exhausted with competing with suits and missing precious time with your family,

Or you feel you have a wealth of knowledge within yourself that you know is transformational and will create a positive impact on people worldwide… but you have no idea how to express it to the world.

Wherever you are in life, I promise that at least one of these conversations will reveal to you how to move forward and the exact footsteps you must follow to get there.


Because here’s the deal, if they can do it, YOU can TOO.

You can collapse times and create wealth at lightspeed.

You can scale your business without sacrificing who you are.

You can have a calendar of paying clients and feel good making money as a healer.

You can trust your intuition and confidently believe in yourself.


You can recover from burnout to connect to your life source and feel vibrant, motivated, and enthusiastic for life.

You can have a relationship that lights your soul on fire! 

You can have it all. 

And everyone you will meet at this event has been there, some multiple times, and they are sharing with you how to find the medicine within yourself to heal the wounds…

The wounds of not being good enough.

The wounds of being criticised and ridiculed. 


The wounds of always needing to be the best, no matter what.


The wound of being disappointed. 


And how their wounds created wisdom that led them to build wealth in life and business. Not only can you follow in their footsteps, but you will also access the courage to follow your OWN footsteps, leading you step by step to the life, relationship or career you want.

Meet your Guides for the next 12 Days


World's leading mentor for human design, CEO of Align by Design.

Behind the doors of how a teacher and mum of three, who burnout TWICE in her teaching career, transformed her entire life into a multi-seven figure business and the world’s leading mentor in Human Design.

A compelling conversation of radical responsibility, mastering the art of surrender and faith to allow manifestations to fall in place.


Amy brings home the vital message that changes people’s lives; we must first unlock our medicine to help others unlock theirs. You’ll see precisely how Amy leads with this message in this once in lifetime conversation.



7 Figure Mentor, Weight Loss Coach For High Performance Women

For those that demand excellence and success on your terms.


Alicia openly shares how learning to heal her health manifested into a multi-million weight loss practice and how following the intuitive hits and aligning with happiness sped up her wealth and the impact on women worldwide.


She is now the leader and hormone expert in the women’s health industry.


Inside this deeply satisfying conversation, the foundation of her success will be revealed to you, step by step, so you can courageously follow in her footsteps and share YOUR medicine with the world.

 Embodied Leadership Coach and Mentor 

For too long, women have been asking men to open up about their emotions.


And for just as long, men have been resisting. But what if we told you that it doesn't have to be this way? That with the help of Chris Brown, men can learn to awaken their divine masculine and feminine?


Chris Brown is here to strip away the myths about Divine Masculine & Feminine as he  takes you behind the closed doors of his personal healing journey, and asks you one important question that will keep you ahead of the game, and your ego!



Multi-Millionaire Business Coach, Elite Leadership 

Have you ever wanted to know how to scale a business at lightspeed?


In this conversation, you'll hear from a Western Australian goddess who has created $3 million dollars in just 18 months and did it in only ten months full-time in her coaching business.  


Join the conversation to hear Tiana share the secrets behind her success, the codes she learnt from childhood that allowed her to flourish in whatever role she was in, and how you can access these codes too! 


a ceremonialist, musician, astrologer and health and fitness practitioner.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about eliminating unhealthy habits.


Ryan joins the panel to share his journey to healing his body from the inside out after being diagnosed with serious liver inflammation.


The healing of his body required him to stop drinking alcohol, unhealthy foods, and substances. Healing addictions is no easy ride, but as Ryan walks you through his journey, you will start to notice one key theme that revived his spirit and renewed his sense of self.



Mentor for business owners, Soul Architect and Healer

How one extraordinary woman sold two booming businesses and didn’t keep the money so she could answer ONE question: who am I?

Krista reveals the rooted wounds behind her success and what she did to heal them so she could find her purpose. By healing her own wounds, she found that she wasn’t the only one who couldn’t answer, “who am I without my success or achievements?” she now uses her wisdom to help business owners heal themselves so that they can find their passion project and create abundance doing what they truly love.


Fasten your seatbelt for a soul-activating conversation, particularly for women who have ever felt like they needed to conform to society's standards to be valued.



Leadership & love mentor; idea doula for visionaries, founder of Being Brave

Meet the woman who has publicly shared her herpes diagnosis with people all over the world shamelessly, expressing who she is with all her flaws, and started the movement: Being Brave.


Shoshanna is on a mission to help women rebuild their relationship with themselves and see that there is nothing to hide and love all parts of themselves (even the ones that feel disgusting). Shosh reveals to you how she chose to lead herself through her diagnosis and turned into a podcast and then a coaching practice helping women world reclaim their personal power through her process of ‘shame slaying’.


A truly inspirational story of a young woman taking a stand, even when her back was against the wall, potentially faced with worldwide ridicule.





Self Expressed Mentor & Thought Leader Founder & CEO of Globe Fit, Jumping through Hoops & Hula-hoop Championships


Do you believe that a HULA-HOOP could create two worldwide franchises AND be a tool for helping women heal somatically from sexual trauma?

Hannah joins the series to show you exactly how she did it. This a must-listen for anyone who wants to innovate the way we ‘normally’ do things and execute their creative vision for transforming the world.


Unlock the secrets to expressing yourself and being legendary no.matter.what.


Relationship and Single coach for ambitious women

Jay Diamond is a former DJ turned relationship coach, and in this conversation she shares her journey to finding happiness. After years of struggling to find fulfilment, Jay finally hit her breaking point one day while working in a café in Hawaii.  


A chance conversation with a celebrity led her down an exciting new path, reinvention, and she's been helping others find their own happiness ever since.

If you're looking for meaning in your life that brings your soul alive, this conversation will change the way you think about your life, for now, and forever.

6 - Jay Diamond.jpg


Yoga, Dance & Energy Expert, Shifting Shame to uplift spirit


The power of being different.


Dirish empowers you to embrace being different, with his humorous wisdom you will be elevated to all colours of the rainbow. He shares how he chose to be different and broke through the boxes of what people told him he ‘should be’ or ‘behave’.

By doing this, he’s become featured in Selfridges & Co, Natural Health, and OM Yoga for his unique blend of yoga and Shakti dance to increase creativity and empowerment of service providers to elevate their communities, and host workshops around the nation. 

If you’ve ever felt like the black sheep, or afraid to bring your unique blend of medicine to the world then this conversation is for YOU.


Burnout & Stress Management Specialist, Coach, Mentor, Therapeutic Coach, Hypnotherapist

From Pressure to Burnout to Recovery.

Emma is here to talk about it. Inside this conversation, you will hear Emma’s personal route to recovery from burnout to brilliance, along with all the bumps she overcame along the way.

Emma was sucked into a career, climbing the corporate ladder full of suits, looking like she had it all together until she hit burnout and couldn’t get out of bed.

Through a deep exploration into the cause of her burnout (other than just stress), she found a route to recovery which she now uses with clients, and mentoring corporate companies to manage stress, prevent burnout and collapse time on burnout recovery.

Headshot - Emma Matthews.JPG


To keep things fun and exciting in this incredible journey, we've got surprise guest lined up for you on the last day.


All I can tell you is that the conversation is off the charts!!

You'll be glad you said YES.

Let us show you how to get unstuck by learning to move with your fear instead of believing it and hiding with it. 

...Because You are worthy of the life you desire.


Discover the tools to regain your power, reclaim who you came here to be and amplify your message to impact and transform people's lives worldwide. 


...Because You were gifted your gifts for a reason. It’s not crazy. It’s time to shine!


Access the cutting-edge CEO mindset of these leaders to lead yourself to your own vision., and your own medicine.


...Because Heart-Led Leaders will create new paradigms for both men and women to create wealth, and from here the world will transform.


Unchain yourself from who you were ‘told’ to be, and live the life you want to be! Find your soulmate, access next-level love and create harmony in your relationship with yourself, and your family.

...Because You are the Medicine!

You can spend your life looking for the magic pill or join us for twelve days and finally realise YOU already have the magic pill.

These conversations will be dropped in your inbox via email with an additional journal prompt to help you integrate the knowledge into full-bodied WISDOM (this is where the magic does become real).


The conversations will be between 45 and 60 minutes long and will be available for 24 hours until the following conversation is sent. 

They will be available in video format.

You'll receive access to the Medicine Dashboard, where you have access to conversations you may have missed, and at the end of the event, you will have one week to catch up or replay your favourite transmissions.


No, we encourage you to listen daily and be a part of our Facebook group, The Intimacy Portal, to discuss what you've learned, ask any questions related to the conversation, and be a part of the conversation.


When you sign up, you will be asked for your email address; when the interviews go live, we will directly email you the conversations. Inside the emails, there will be an option to download or listen to the conversation


See you in the inside,
so much love,
MK xx

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