The Coven is the Inner Sanctum of the Shamanic Sisterhood, Its a safe, supportive and fun place for Women’s work.

We will be gathering in nourishing and sacred circle to learn and develop Self Love
,Self compassion
and Self Growth, with some spicy humour thrown in too!

Does this sound like fun to you??

Come and Join Us!

Shamanic Sisterhood

The Coven

Access to the Coven is through the Shamanic Sisterhood and will give members access to the following:

The Sacred Rend Tent Circle

New Moons Monthly, a warm and feminine practice from our ancient Grandmothers - a potent space to release stagnant energy and to initiate the new!

A bubbling cauldron of fun!

The Full Moon Ceremony

Full Moons Monthly, a celebratory and excitable event that brings our sisters together in union, support, solidarity and upliftment.

Bring your loudest Hooowwwwl!!!

Monthly Masterclasses from the Great Sisters

We welcome Expert Shamanistas in their field to teach on Womb wisdom, Breathwork technique, Tantra, Yoga and Indigenous Earth Wisdom...and of course yours truly will be sharing the Wisdom of the Stars! These collectives are initiations deeper into yourself, your feminine essence, your Queendom!!

The Heart Spark Sessions

A Gift from my heart to yours! These 30 minute Love fests are all about YOU!!  Bring your Heart to the fire and let's make magic together - we can discuss Astrology, Energy, ancient philosophy … or how your partner is driving you crazy!! It's up to you Sister… There's one thing for sure - these are potent energy transfers firing up the spark inside of you to power you to a new level of Self Confidence and Clarity!

The Coven is an exclusive trial membership for three months initially  (until end of July 2020)
We will journey together, navigating this global energy together, sister to sister, heart to heart, co-creating a sacred sanctum for us to explore our own Selves in safety, security and fun.


What are the Shamanic Sisterhood saying ....

so what are you waiting for ...


The Shamanic Sisterhood is A sacred space for Ambitious, committed, spiritual women to Tune in and Turn on to their own inner Intuitive Guidance, be supported and learn more about cosmic consciousness, Astrology and the magic of being you all for free!

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