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I was RE-volving: Until I chose to EVOLVE

I couldn’t watch myself go through the destructive patterns any more.

I couldn’t wake up another day feeling like I had no energy to go on.

I couldn’t keep offering my energy out to others without tending to myself first.

I couldn’t go on like this because the truth is - I wouldn’t last much longer if I did!

Watching myself make the same choices over and over again was killing me.

No one outside knew because I was a master at pretending, a master at keeping my spirits up and a master at soldiering on….

In fact most people thought I was doing so well I could never shatter the illusion and share my inner most sadness and frustration … so I suffered in silence while putting on a show for everyone else’s enjoyment!

I was revolving around and around in the same cycle of masking and self shaming…

It was crippling - until one day I snapped.

Meet Mary-Kate

There is no limit to what we can accomplish

I burnt everything to the ground.

I journeyed and really felt the grief, sadness and shame.

Expelling it from my body.

Then I Rested


Restored (my factory settings!)

This time I was determined to APPLY my medicine to ME FIRST!!

What came next was a miracle - a heart opening, tear inducing, body shaking miracle that shifted me to the depths of humility I have not sat in before.

A beauty so bright each cell spun like a disco ball transforming dead heavy energy to spontaneous eruptions of stardust and magic!

My world changed because I changed ….

I became more alive yet in a calmer more peaceful way.

One simple step


Or as my teacher says

What comes through Me is For Me.

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Some have known me when I was a corporate woman making six-figures.

Some have known me when I was making £6 an hour as a barista.

Many have known me for being the founder of The Shamanic Sisterhood. In creating sold-out programmes such as Monetise Your Magic, Planets Power & Possibilites, Luminous Leaders, Quantum Medixina, leading me back to six-figures in my own unique medicine.

I have had many iterations in this life as I explore my own medicine path.


Her Shaman has been birthed through many dark nights and rainbow brights. I continue to walk my own path of learning and commit to BEING the Medixine for me first, to lead myself first.

The journey will not look the same for everyone but the essence of the Medixine is always the same ....Love!

Many high achieving women are not loving themselves - and they’re slowly waking up to this.

In Medixine I walk with you - I become your personal portal of potent reflection And the cauldron that holds you as you transform.

This next chapter is for those ready to EVOLVE!

It is time

It's time to step into the best version of you


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