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Mary Kate Medicine

Here you will find the dark medicine of the earth & the light wonder of the stars, assimilated and absorbed into your DNA. 


Here you will go on a deep dive into the darkness of relationship mirrors, swim in your own wounds to search for hidden treasure and only come up for air when it is necessary.


Here you will confront ancient victim energies that linger in your bones with mammoth support and unconditional surrender. And while you shake, unable to hold up that strong facade to the world, I will hold your fragile frame.


Here you will find deep soul medicine.

To apply to your business. Your life. Your relationships. Your body. Your world.


You will discover your own version of heaven and hell, and I will hold your hand as you swim through it. Because the things you are hiding inside of yourself is where the work lies, where release offers riches in all forms, and where you can evolve into the magnificent woman you came here to be.



We are


Mary-Kate is the founder of The Shamanic Sisterhood - a thriving community of ambitious, committed, spiritually curious women taking healing into their own hands while not taking themselves too seriously along the way. 


Luminous Leader?

Luminous Leaders is an intimate group coaching container that takes the elite business leadership training of the corporate world and makes it accessible to women in the digital community space. This is an exclusively small programme for those who already have their own business and are beginning to feel the growing pains of moving more rapidly than their energy can handle.

Mary-Kate believes we are all here to alchemise our wounds to wealth. In her containers she teaches healers to shed their limited narratives around money and to embrace the idea that with wealth they can influence this planet in crisis with is their heart-led decisions. Impact and influence are natural byproducts as a result, as Mary-Kate's clients will tell you!


What clients say...

"What I found was something I couldn’t even have imagined…."

"She is such a catalyst for change!"

"She will build your courage and hold a safe place for you when you lose faith."

Explore what else Mary-Kate's clients have to say about her here...

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As well as the container you choose to work with Mary-Kate in, you will get access to her resource library, The Medicine which features:

Guided meditations, Quantum Codes, Activations, Healing Balms, Masterclasses, access to her previous summits such as Wounds to Wisdom to Wealth and the MKTV series of cosmic conversations designed to blow your mind wide open to new possibilities.


The Medicine Portal