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With 15 years’ experience in business development and talent management I've certainly had my fair share of ups and downs - my super confident storming achievements and my absolute rock bottom catastrophes.
Working in both corporate environments and in small local business, building relationships, generating strong lasting income streams, as well as identifying and developing talent has been my forte.
​It was this privilege, working with such diverse individuals at varying different levels of experience in both life and business that shaped my own unique talents.
Having to both rely on my own steam to generate an income and then to harness the power of team members to exceed million pound (plus) targets provided me with the ambition to hunt for a much simpler way to create meaningful business relationships that lasted while upskilling each of the team members and giving them the freedom to develop themselves in the direction of their happiness.
This is when I opened my eyes to the power of connection, presence and authenticity as a vehicle to success and happiness.

Hi, I'm Mary-Kate

I shifted into high gear. I did personal therapy. I got life coaching with a close friend. I worked with an Usui Reiki Master and developed my own style of Energy healing. I began to undergo changes that people literally could not believe. Slowly, at first, then faster… a powerful, energetic, passionate version of “me” began to emerge.
​This process was both challenging and rewarding, it shifted all of my fears, tore down old beliefs, just before rebuilding new more benefiting emotional systems that serve my highest good - and to this day this journey remains the most thrilling part of my life.
​Life coaching is an incredible process of transforming your mindset, then your habits, then your whole life — with a partner cheerleading you, holding you safe yet pushing you higher the whole time.
Having felt the experience and the happiness myself I knew I wanted to give this same experience to other women. I started running free courses, giving free healings and even working with entrepreneurs to maximize their income streams.
I receive so many referrals that Transformational Coaching has become my life! And I simply LOVE IT!
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"She is a tremendously talented and enthusiastic Life Coach who will deliver exactly what you want! "

Danielle, Transformational Coaching client

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Right now I have a thriving coaching practice and run weekend intensives for a super fun boost in transformation – The Inner Celtic Goddess Retreat in Ireland is the most well-known!
For 6 years now I have helped my clients find the courage to quit unrewarding jobs, launch creative businesses, negotiate pay rises, end toxic relationships and make thousands of other brave, life-altering choices. Above all to believe in themselves and their own power!
All of them are happier, in more authentic relationships and now have the tools to develop themselves further and further  - always transforming from one amazing version of themselves to a higher version. I am so proud to call many of them very good friends now too!

Transformational coaching is big work
(the clue is in the title!).
It is a journey and the way I work can sometimes be radical - I can’t promise that it will be easy—but I can promise you that you will change and transform before your very own eyes, step by step taking back your power to become the highest possible version of yourself!
If you are ready to change, I am so excited for you!
Come join me for a session, a weekend intensive or a retreat!




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